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“I turn door knobs, heart throb, never, black and ugly as ever, however, I stay Gucci down to the socks, rings and watch filled with rocks…”

The term flex has been used as Black slang for “showing off” since the 90s. Rapper Ice Cube notably used it in his 1992 song, “It Was a Good Day”. Recently the buzzword has been used by Crypto's nouveaux riche and eloquently explained in a brilliant thread by gmoney.eth - a highly respected Crypto Punk oozing online swag. Flex is what some rappers also refer to as ‘stunting’, showing one’s wealth through objects known to be of value. In the Crypto-sphere, Flexing resides in 24x24 jpegs and is 100% digital.

Just like wearing a Rolex, carrying a Birkin or owning a highly sought-after classical art piece, digital jpegs are a way of commanding respect via status - some may see it as gauche, but care we not.

Since the inception of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a tremendous amount of socialising has shifted online. Whether it be for networking or mindless scrolling, for better or worse, the impact on society is certain. If social media is perceived as the first frontier then the second is certainly the Metaverse. Virtual living is upon us, accelerated by Covid. Think Tinder collaborating with Berghain where you can listen to your favourite DJs and hook up with like-minded people. Think Amazon Fresh incorporating their services so you can virtually shop on your way to your next Microsoft Team meeting. Think Ready Player 1 with the nostalgic Simcity. The possibilities are endless.

One thing will punctuate these activities - status. As in the real world, status will play an increasingly key role in inducing Darwinism into the metaverse. Jpegs, avatars and skins will be used to flash signs of wealth, knowledge and excellence. Flexing and the metaverse will be symbiotic. In the meantime, ApingX is straddling the two worlds by creating analogue garments inspired by online swag. Our Api Bull epitomises the flex of all flexers. Api (aka Apis) refers to the most important and highly regarded bull deity of ancient Egypt and closely associated with goodness, bounty and a harmonious balance of the Universe. Sometimes depicted as a man, our Api bull has Quarterback status - strolling down college corridors pointing into the far distance at someone he’s never seen before. Hands held out behind his back for double low-fives before leaning up against the locker to seduce Becky. Varsity jackets are among the earliest symbols of flexing. If you were not lucky enough to be amongst the best athletes in college, we’re pretty sure you know who were.

“I don’t know what the hell is stopping ya, I’m clocking ya, Versace shades watching ya” - Complimented with Satoce shades; Wallet chain, Audemars Piguet, fitted jeans, fresh Jordan's and, of course, the ApingX varsity jacket, our Api Bull is dropping the streetwear flex - that casual confidence of excellence.

Aristotle said “we are what we repeatedly do”. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. In crypto we grind daily, so at ApingX we say “Grind and Flex” - Not financial advice.

Our premium hoodies are cut for a slim but relaxed fit. It's made from premium smooth cotton and polyester blend to provide a quality finish.

  • Fits true to size. Take your normal size
  • Take the next size up if you wish to achieve a looser fit for layering
  • This hoodie is intended for slim cut
  • Mid-weight, slightly stretchy fabric
  • Model wears a L
  • Model Measurements 6"3