Our Story

Ready for the cheesy opener? Without U there is no Us! In Crypto, community is everything. ApingX is the first fashion brand to sow royalties into its fabric. We're bold, different, rough around the seams and ready to learn.

We learn and try to deliver better. Established the other day and built on Polygon, ApingX have devised a royalty scheme through the use of NFT’s. So whether you’re an Artist, Pattern-Cutter, active community member or Collector you have the opportunity to receive rewards for your contribution. 

ApingX specialises in street crypto wear. Through a community driven approach, we aim to inject style via a series of iconic designs whilst staying true to the ecosystem. We're adding value and utility to NFT's by connecting them to real life items.

From art to engineering, from philosophy to rug pulls the omens are there if you look. Crypto and decentralisation have broken down the old guard’s financial walls and introduced a new financial system, in some ways a new world. The old world is decorated with iconic inventions, designs, figures and moments and the new world will follow suit.

With exoteric philosophy and esoteric branding ApingX aims to expose life’s interconnectedness. Its uncanny knack for interweaving seemingly unrelated elements. Put simply, whether its in real life or your virtual one, through crypto and fashion, ApingX simply connects the dots. New Money. New Fashion - the revolution will be fractionalised.