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No, No One Told Me Life Was Gonna Be This Way

Artist: APINGX
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Degens - Blue or red pill? Both. 

All-in pre-flop? Yes please. 

New high-risk projects with 1000% yield gains? Go on then.

Forgotten a couple grand in an old Bittrex account? Woops. 

Degen, a self-styled term borrowed from the poker world’s ‘degenerate gambler’ is a play on words which describes these individuals aping into shitcoins amongst other dubious investments. Their risk tolerance is extremely high - losing high sums of money will not lead to loss of sleep - or so they say!

In true ApingX fashion, we’ve remixed the iconic title from a well-known sitcom which follows the lives of six reckless adults. The infamous cast spend their twenties trying to navigate their way through life and learn how to grow up as they approach their third decade. Sound familiar? This is very much like Degens, despite their experience, often ape into yield farming or other coins gaining invaluable experience to unearth future gems.

Although most Degens wouldn’t go so far as to call each other ‘friends’, a noticeable bond is created in the community of a particular project. The memes, one-liners, piss taking, streams of advice and general good-hearted banter is akin to the world’s most popular TV show. 

Perhaps the most important comparison is that of not taking life too seriously. Degens have an innate ability to take the rough with the smooth, the insanely high yields with the frequent ‘rug pulls’. Scrolling through Twitter, you won’t be surprised to see Tweets from influencers stating they have been the victims of a ‘rug pull’ whilst punctuating the Tweet with a laughing emoji.

We at ApingX, just like our Degen comrades, are not afraid to take risks and experiment and we certainly do not take ourselves too seriously; hence why we have tapped into the recent trend of ironic fashion - “a revival of the contemporary fashion scene of the 1990s”. Nothing is more ironic than diving into crypto to make life changing gains only to lose 80% of our wealth every four years.

We guess no one told you life was gonna be this way!

P.s. Little known fact - although the show finished 19 years ago, each cast member still recieves $20m a year through 2% syndication royalty clause. Royalties are a great way of maintaining wealth! check out our NFT's offering royalties on this design, we can't promise $20m a year but we can promise more utility than 95% of NFT's out there.

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