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Sticking with the French twang - Entrer le "entendre’s" (This title was actually more suited to our v1 design but it flows so well we just decided to keep it. Hopefully you'll still catch our drift)

Trompe l’oeil literally means “deceives the eye” 

DYOR is a popular crypto acronym which stands for Do Your Own Research.

Let’s be honest, how many of us have deceived ourselves when attempting to get that bag?! We’ve all aped into a project on the back of someone else’s call, sometimes not even knowing it’s purpose. We take credit if it pops and blame others when it’s rugged. DYOR is the antidote to self deception, DYOR is the antidote to rug pulls.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal” - a Picasso maxim adopted by Steve Jobs. Igor Stravinsky, Who’s this? F**k knows, said “A good composer does not imitate, he steals”.  These quotes are often misinterpreted, “steal” doesn't mean “plagiarise” and “imitation” is seen as a refusal to acknowledge your influences. Stealing in this context is seen as inspiration, where you recognise your influences but make it into your own.

DYOR means don’t just follow, don’t just imitate and don’t just copy what someone else is doing. When trying to unearth gems, it’s essential to research projects yourself, following all the necessary steps to navigate the array of pitfalls littered around new coins. Rather than blame the likes of Ellio Trades for the isolated call that doesn't reach moon status, DYOR means you take sole responsibility for aping into any protocols suggested by others. 

The design is an obvious play on the infamous fashion house Christian Dior which has dazzled our streets with iconic designs since 1946. You may also see a resemblelance to the Louis Vuitton monogram/motif. Yes we stole the idea but through a rigorous R&D process we took our own advice and came up with something a little. Unlike some of our other designs, there are no similarities between the Dior fashion house and the general crypto community apart from the homonym.

We purposely chose to print our ombre motif on the en vogue bumbag. The motif flowing from dark to light represents the transition from novice to Degen, whilst the bumbag represents the numerous bags of coins we’ve acquired over the years. We also wanted to represent a fashion icon who emodied Picasso's maxim - Virgil Abloh. The orange loops are a nod to Virgil and his coined phrase "tourist vs purist" which examines the different approaches for knowledge and by extenstion personal research.

In a time of abundance, misinformation, disinformation and endless access to inspiration DYOR is not just a crypto acronym it's a way of life! 

So with that said , smash up the buy button, one more bag won’t hurt.

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